December 28, 2009

Fascia is defined as a sheet or band of fibrous connective tissue separating or binding together the muscles and organs of the body. When I discovered this term, I made the correlation between its meaning and the function of human relationships. The complexity existing between what intertwines and isolates, what separates or binds us together, is fascia. This fascia gives us the stories that cover the lives of past and future generations extending across all landscapes.

This collection explores the interconnection of individual lives to the world around them. From a girl’s quest for fame in the silent film era to a daughter’s conflicted feelings about her father to the interaction between a nurse and an old man with dementia, the characters in these stories try to distinguish themselves by the very things that bind them together.

“Like the tissues binding together the heart and its arteries, the stories in Murray’s collection describe the threads, sometimes thin, sometimes strong, that connect father to daughter, husband to wife, and ourselves to our own histories. Each story has its own quiet revelation and has the ability to the bind the readers to the book long after the covers have been closed.” – The Green Lantern Press

“Murray’s collection of Southern vignettes describe the delicate webs of familial and communal relationships in deftly composed prose.” Women and Children First

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